Summit Night; Kilimanjaro 2009

Looking back over the last few years, I thought it would be necessary to include this trip report in my blog because I have such fond memories of this trip, and I am still in contact with some of the great friends I had made there. While Kilimanjaro is not a technical mountain, it is … Continue reading

Nike +, Fraudsters and the debate between GPS and built in Accelerometers.

NIKE + (PLUS) and CHEATING Nike + (Nike Plus)  was and still is a decent app for the casual runner. However, it falls victim to misuse by people who desire top position for the weekly and monthly positions. There are a number of ways these fraudsters cheat. I shall give you three examples off the … Continue reading

The Matterhorn – Part II

I had only been in Chamonix for 3 days and one could call it a time of intense activity all designed to push my body to adapt to a higher altitude each day. Day one was my trail run to Mont Buet at 3080m where I ran like a bat out of hell and slipped … Continue reading