Runners share 7 secret food weapons

I stumbled upon this quite interesting and experimental article about some uncommon food weapons. Not sure I could handle the pickles though! His running buddies call him “Doctor Pickle Juice.”  Rick Ganzi, a 47-year-old anesthesiologist from Holland, Mich., has long been singing the praises of pickle juice after discovering that the briny beverage worked wonders … Continue reading

Salomon S Lab Sense

Salomon S Lab Sense.

Salomon S Lab Sense Our dog needed a walk, so after 2 sessions of running, I was ready to go out again, but this time the dog with her “puppy” eyes weakening my heart appeared to be the perfect excuse to try out my new Salomon’s. SO off we went for our walk with sporadic bursts of speed. … Continue reading

TNF Enduro 13 Hydration Pack

The Enduro 13 is a Flight Series® 8 litre adventure pack that boasts winning features for adventure racing and endurance events. Improved shoulder harness construction enhances breathability. The back is super-breathable E-VAP™ foam covered with a silky, skin-friendly mesh that doesn’t abrade the skin. The hip belt has an offset buckle for greater comfort and … Continue reading

Runners World 2012 TRAIL shoe guide

Runners World FALL 2012 Trail shoe guide click Here

Runners World 2012 FALL SHOE GUIDE

Follow this link for an informative look at whats out there in the training shoe market. By. Runners World Magazine.