POV HD from V.I.O (HD Helmet Camera)

I had spent some time looking over the different brands of helmet cameras currently on the market. Most of them only had the rechargeable battery and no viewing screen. So that would limit one to short days out and ‘hope for the best’ policy when mounting the camera to your helmet. That was until I … Continue reading

Adidas Adistar Ride 4 Shoes

I am forever on the lookout for new shoes to try. If I am ever out in a mall I tend to get drawn into sports shops. While in GoSport , Kuwait, I stumbled upon these babies. These are the 2012 Adidas Adistar Ride 4. Initially the colour is quite outrageous which is ‘uncool’ in … Continue reading

ULTRA-RUNNING; A comparative study between fast and slow runners, and their overall race strategy.

Having studied at Post-Graduate level for 18 months or so, I had found it to be the gateway for my educational enquiry. At any one swatting session, I could spend hours scouring books and online academic journals and papers relating to the subject of my dissertation/research questions. At post-graduate level, one is expected to use … Continue reading

C.A.M.P Nanotech: The 2nd lightest ice axe on the market @285g / 9.9oz !

In the spirit of ‘Fast & light’, It was inevitable¬† that I was certainly going to look for an ice axe that wasn’t going to pull my arm off during those long days out. After looking at the C.A.M.P Corsa http://www.camp-usa.com/products/ice-axes/corsa.asp.I decided that while 205g had sold it for me,So I eventually went for the … Continue reading

Inov 8 Race Elite 15 evolves into a sub 300g Summit Pack

A few months ago I signed up to embark on a challenge of a lifetime right on my front doorstep. The challenge was to run the entire length of Kuwait (Approx 246kms) within a 75 hours time limit. For this challenge, I had already decided to use the ‘fast & light’ religion and subsequently scoured … Continue reading