Repeated abdominal exercise (sit-ups) induces respiratory muscle fatigue

I like to read the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (JSSM) and sometimes come across articles/studies which have explored areas of running that sometimes attempt to answer the questions that I have about it. I have a friend, he is a very good athlete and he has been running for quite some time. He had once mentioned that his secret to improving his running was sit-ups. I actually thought that sit-ups would help with core strength and believed that to be acceptable without further investigation. However, I came across an interesting study which I shall just copy the link here and of course I shall reference the author(s) accordingly as this is not my work at all. The abstract to this study claims that sit-ups actually induce respiratory muscle fatigue. I guess it begs a look doesn’t it?

To view the article at the JSSM  please follow the link:

My thoughts? Having read it only once, I have yet to fully ‘inhale’ the overall findings. I would keep an open mind with a study of this kind because I think it is quite rare. While the results do show that sit-ups do induce muscle fatigue, they conclude (as many do) that more studies are needed. I will most likely read this study a few times, and search for other articles/studies of this type, and I shall update this post with more detail. I was surprised to read that it affects endurance as I have always been told that core excersizes are important for a strong endurance based platform… I wonder if I can find some other studies that have different findings; that should surely throw a spanner into the works…. to be continued…

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