C.A.M.P Nanotech: The 2nd lightest ice axe on the market @285g / 9.9oz !

In the spirit of ‘Fast & light’, It was inevitable  that I was certainly going to look for an ice axe that wasn’t going to pull my arm off during those long days out. After looking at the C.A.M.P Corsa http://www.camp-usa.com/products/ice-axes/corsa.asp.I decided that while 205g had sold it for me,So I eventually went for the C.A.M.P Nanotech ice axe http://www.camp-usa.com/products/ice-axes/corsa-nanotech.asp because I wanted the bend.

This is definitely a walkers axe rather than a tool that would be heavily relied upon for anchors and such. I chose this tool for alpine climbing in and around Chamonix, France. It has a nice bend to it which makes it feel more comfortable when placement is concerned. I was also worried about the minimalistic head and worried it may not feel comfortable to hold, but it was fine. My only issue with it would be the adze. Its not that brilliant at cutting steps or digging. Other than that it is a superbly light axe at only 285g (60cm). For Alpinism and short day climbs, this is an amazing tool to have, light on the pack, light in the hand, I often just stow it on a belt loop on my harness is that insignificant weight-wise.

Now for the technical jargon:

Employs the same 7075-T6 aluminum alloy as the hyperlight Corsa, but features innovative Sandvik Nanoflex® steel reinforcements on the pick and spike. The steel components dramatically increase the durability and strength of these critical points without significantly increasing the weight of the axe. In addition, the Corsa Nanotech has an aggressive single-curve shaft that provides better clearance without interfering with walking or plunging performance.

• High Altitude Climbing, Ski Mountaineering
• Second lightest ice axe in the world!
• Sandvik Nanoflex® steel pick and spike for durability and ice penetration
• Ideal for snow travel and self arrest
• Can be used as an anchor for glacier rescue and traversing cornices
• Nylon spike plug on all lengths keeps ice out of shaft
• Optional sliding leash (1305) easily attaches to shaft

• ID: 1429
• Sizes: 50, 60, 70 cm
• Shaft: B
• Pick: B
• Spike: Sandvik Nanoflex Steel
• Leash: No
• Weight: 250 g, 8.8 oz
• $159.95 USD/ 98.50 GBP/121 Euro/45 KD

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