Dose of Reality

By Matthew G. Kadey, M.Sc., R.D. Most runners strive for a well-balanced diet, but even conscientious eaters can miss out on key nutrients. If your meal plan doesn’t contain a perfect balance of every performance-enhancing vitamin—and, really, whose does?—you may benefit from popping a pill or two. “It’s always best to eat whole foods, since … Continue reading

How to choose the right shoe

Better Running

The Benefits of Running

Anyone can do it. Running is accessible. Almost anyone can put on a pair of trainers and become a regular runner, although you might need to start with walking, and build up your speed and distance gradually. It’s practical. Running is cheap and easy. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment (just a decent … Continue reading

Grivel Himalaya Trail Pole 480g/pair!

Product Description The Grivel Himalaya Trail Pole utilises avalanche probe technology to create one of the most lightweight yet surprisingly durable trekking poles available. A simple push on the button unlocks the system and the lower section slides into the upper tube. A simple pull to lengthen it, a click on the button and the … Continue reading

Ice Bath Therapy: Speed up Recovery and Enhance Performance

                          Taken from If you haven’t heard or just plain curious about Ice bath therapy, then you’re in the right place. World class athletes have adopted this practice, so begs the question, why shouldn’t you? Maybe you’ve tried it once or twice, … Continue reading

Under Armour Cold Gear Balaclava (Mens) 172g

This is one of those products that is useful in a milder temperature range. I bought the white one to reflect the sunlight for use during summer climbing mainly in the Alps. Its warm enough for sub zero temperatures but not as warm as my North Face balaclava. I have used it on Mont Blanc, … Continue reading

Newton’s 10 Laws of Running Better

01 GET A PROPER FIT. Standing with your heels pulled to the back of your Newtons, you should have a thumb’s width in front of your longest toe. The ball of your foot should line up over the middle of the red actuator lugs. 02 INSERT ORTHOTICS IF NEEDED. Newtons are not a substitute for … Continue reading

Repeated abdominal exercise (sit-ups) induces respiratory muscle fatigue

I like to read the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (JSSM) and sometimes come across articles/studies which have explored areas of running that sometimes attempt to answer the questions that I have about it. I have a friend, he is a very good athlete and he has been running for quite some time. He … Continue reading

Petzl Meteor III+ Climbing Helmet

Weighing only 235 grams!! the METEOR III + sets the standard in terms of lightness and ventilation. Its innovative adjustment system allows each climber to adjust his/her helmet to head shape. Originally designed for climbing and mountaineering, the METEOR III + also meets the European standards for cycling and whitewater sports, so you pretty much … Continue reading